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800 MVPS Platinum

800 MVPS Platinum

800 MVPS Platinum


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The platinum course is the ideal choice for any student looking to excel in the Math Section of the SAT with multiple study plans to choose from, the platinum course focuses on the important topics that appear on the exam and makes achieving a perfect score easier than ever.
For the SAT II Math Subject Tests, check out the Gold Course below.

Part I - Heart of Algebra

Linear Equations Linear Word problems Linear Inequalities Linear Graphs System of Linear Equations Word Problems of Inequalities Word Problems of System of Eq. Two Linear Graphs Graph of Inequalities

Part II - Passport to Advanced Math

Ratios Rates Proportions Percentage Measurements ScatterPlots Two-Way Tables Linear / Exponential Growth Probabilities Mean · Median · Mode Standard deviation & Range

Part III - Passport to Advanced Math

Laws of Exponents Operations of polynomials Expansion / Factoring Rational Expressions Domain & Range Quadratic Functions The Graphs of the Functions Transformations Zeros & Factors of Polynomials Rational / Radical Equations Solving Quadratic Equations System of Linear & Quadratic Eq. Angle Relationships Volumes Pythagorean Theorem Imaginary Numbers

Part IV - Additional Topics

Circles Similar Triangles Trigonometric Ratios Equation of a circle

Part V - Practice Tests

Math Test - No Calculator Math Test - Calculator