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For over 30 years, Sang Hyun Park made a special study of math education as the head of the MRI(KOREA), MTC(USA), MTC(CANADA). He has written over 200 math textbooks and test prep books for middle and high school students. He has also trained math teachers and high level students with his works and classes. Especially, Sang Hyun Park is renowned for his special teaching method to serious math teachers as well as gifted math students.


Position Period Books Education Program
Math Training Center
Founder 2006 - Present New Mathod Series
[MATH Of Dream]
New 800 MVPS Series
[Most Valuable Problem & Solution]
New TOPS Series
[Technique Of Problem Solving]
Into the STORM !
[Special Training Of Real Math]
MTC (Canada)
Math Training Center
Founder 1995 - Present
MRI (Korea)
Math Research Institute
President 1980 - 1995 New Mathematics Series
New SKY Math Series
Let’s !
[Leader’s Elite Training System]